Pablo Chou International Company Ltd. is a professional designer and manufacturer of good-quality handmade Marimbas, Xylophones, Saxophones, wind instruments and percussion in Taiwan and has acquired reliable reputation in providing musical instruments and percussion products in both domestic and international markets.


The founder, Mr. Pablo Chou, is a famous professional percussionist in playing percussion and teaching. His innovative concept of musical instrument development that comes from his successful career as a musical instrument production consultant and his abundant playing experiences let Mr. Pablo Chou dedicate to develop the most appropriate musical instruments to the professional player.

In order to offer the best products to fully support our customers high-quality musical instrument requests, the new brand "Promusin" is established by Pablo Chou International Company Ltd., and supply a wide range of handmade Marimbas, Xylophones, Saxophones, wind and percussion instruments.


Pablo Chou International Company Ltd offer a good source of excellent musical instruments and percussion with reliable quality, and trusty technical back-up at reasonable prices. With our most flexible and cooperative possibilities, Pablo Chou International Company Ltd are confident to offer our customers suitable and dependable support meeting your product needs.


To satisfy growing expectations and demands of percussion field, Our R & D team department, led by Mr. Pablo Chou., is always proceeding with developing various new models and enlarging our production volume. It is always our main orientation to keep on improving or innovating our product range for providing our customers with proper and high-quality products.


Pablo Chou International Company Ltd will keep on servicing global partners with professional and good quality musical instruments! Sincerely invite you to be our reliable clients and enjoy our services. We have confidence to keep our clients fully satisfied.