Yi Dong Wang


Wang Yi Dong, percussion music performer, associate professor of instrumental music department, Chinese Academy of Music. Supervisor of master students, department head of teaching and research section for orchestral music and percussion music.
Chinese Association of Musicians Member, vice president and deputy secretary for the Chinese Percussion Music Institute.
Member of Chinese National Orchestral Music Institute, vice president and secretary for the Chinese national Percussion Music Committee. 
Once served as the chief of Chinese Symphony Orchestra for percussion music.
Wang Yi Dong's special characteristic lies in his solid skill foundation, he has a wide range of know-how in the musical field. He is well versed with various symphony orchestra and traditional instruments orchestra.
His performance is full of intense emotion and appeal, he is well recognized as a versatile performer in percussion music.
Being a member of Chinese Musician Regiment, Chinese Symphony Orchestra, China Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of International Atlas, Wang Yi Dong has been participating all kinds of events and activities at home and abroad.
He has visited countries such as USA , United Kingdom , Germany , France , Holland , Italy , Switzerland , Luxembourg , Austria , Ireland , Latvia , Mexico , Egypt , Singapore , Japan , Korea Republic , Korea , Taiwan , Hong Kong and Macao.
In March, 1996 and January, 2000, he had successfully held the percussion music special performance concert 《鼓威》and 《擊樂天空》in Singapore. He was invited to participate in Taipei tradition music event 《打擊風》concert in 2001, again, in July, the same year, he went to Taiwan for the drum performance summer camp.
He had given lectures and performances in Xi'an Academy of Music in May, 2004, his percussion music concert 《敲擊鼓魂》 has won great success.
Wang Yi Dong has participated in the publishing of various music works in newspapers and magazines, he has compiled and composed a large amount of percussion music and teaching materials.
Among them, 《鼓上銅樂》was published by HongKong record company YuGuo, VCD《快樂學打擊樂》was published by China Press for Music Works 《中國鼓》、《爵士鼓》and 《小軍鼓》Were published by Chinese Youth Press.
Wang Yi Dong has been actively participating various public art events, for example, he has masterminded and organized the exhibition《中華鼓宴》in shanghai, the music concert 《鑼鼓聲聲匯京城》in Beijing etc.
He has lead a delegation participating the HongKong drumbeats festival《香港鼓樂節》 He was invited many times by Ministry of Culture as the judge for various musical event competitions.